Little Sister

Lockdown is ON!

Will the HMs be able to keep their secrets?
Will the HMs be able to keep their secrets?

I can confirm – the 14 Housemates (plus a couple of cheeky reserves) are in LOCKDOWN. And every Housemate has a SECRET. But will they be able to keep it?

I visited every Housemate over the last few days and I can guarantee you they are very, very, very excited.

Their rooms varied between super organised (one Housemate unpacked groceries, clothes and toiletries within five minutes of arriving), and bombshell status. One Housemate was a little worse for wear, after a few too many celebratory beverages on his last night of freedom. Another confessed to not having slept for the three nights prior. All of them had come equipped with DVDs (box sets were a favourite) and more than one female had 50 Shades of Grey to read.

One HM had chia seeds and a skipping rope to keep her energised and another had the world’s BIGGEST box of chocolate and a super-sized tub of gummy bears. Two Housemates had also packed mega cute onesies!

And when it comes to their secrets? Well, even my lips are sealed.

I’ll be a busy little insider this week… and I’ll have lots of goodies to share. Strap yourselves in everybody! Big Brother is here MONDAY WEEK – finally!

From the shuffle to the shhhh... Little Sis x

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