Confession Session: A Day in the Diary Room

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Sam gets a few things off his chest
Sam gets a few things off his chest
Layla blinks back tears
Layla blinks back tears
Big Brother’s Diary Room: where secrets, dilemmas and tears can be spilt, while answers, advice and laughs are lapped up. Let’s lift the curtain on the confessional booth and go through the turnstile of emotions that was the Diary Room, Day 37.

The usually perky princess had a tough time. She’s homesick, she had a bad reaction to her first meeting with Intruder Sam and she thinks her best friend in the House is oppressing her freedom as an individual. “I’ve had a really weird day” the gloomy Brit confessed.

Layla didn’t like Sam’s review of her after their ‘date’. As someone that gels with everybody, she took offence to the feedback that he “didn’t have an opinion” of her, and is worried about people’s perceptions of her on the outside.

Despite realising that she may be “over-reacting” and “taking it to heart”, she batted her eyelashes to fight back the tears. “I just feel like crying today I think,” she fretted.

Next problem: She felt that Angie, who she still loves and considers her BFF in the House, is cutting her off and finishing her sentences. “She tells me how I’m feeling” she explained. “As someone said, Angie’s got me ’round her finger.”

“I just want to be my own person,” the “free spirit” said, and went on to explain she feels smothered and not in control anymore. This, coupled with Sam’s first impressions of her – or lack thereof – sprouted freely flowing tears as she feverously wiped them away to stop her make-up running. “I hope people see the real me,” the passive Pom further worried.

Self-Doubting Stacey
Next on the BB sociologist couch was Stacey, whose confidence has taken a battering.

“I’m so mortified by my solo efforts in the radio thing – I was so bad,” the quirky Sydney-sider said. She was embarrassed with her inability to “make sense” on air, saying she choked with nerves and thinks everyone around Australia who hears it may think that she’s “a crazy person”.

Big Brother prompted her to discuss if she has any of these insecurities in general life. “Sometimes I think I can be better at my job and stuff like that…” she rambled off, before coming to the conclusion, “Yeah, I do.”

And in the House? Stacey feels Ava hasn’t really warmed to her and is worried that the Intruder thinks she’s a bit “weird”. “I think that her humour is different to my humour” she reasoned, a hard thing when you’re the funny girl of the House.

“I find it difficult to be alone with my thoughts,” the cray-cray Stay-Stay reflected… And that’s exactly what the Diary Room is for, to be alone, that is, except for with confidant Big Brother (and the masses tuning in!)

“Remember, Big Brother chose you to enter the Big Brother House to be yourself,” Big Brother reassured her. “Big Brother chose you, Stacey, because you’re you.”

“I know. I love Big Brother,” she said, and left with more resolve.

A Moody Michael
In an extremely solemn mood, Michael sulked into the porthole of problems and started off with; “[I’m] feeling a bit down, well, not down, overwhelmed – heavy emotions on me that I can’t seem to shake off.”

“I just want to run away and hide”… Again, that’s sometimes what the Diary Room is for.

Throwing the Intruder spanner in the works has messed up the mechanics of it all for the rational-thinking Michael. “I don’t want to say hierarchy, but there was a place for everything in the House and I knew where it stood,” he calculated.

He then began picking at the biggest thorn (in his side) of all. “I don’t know… Ava” he said scrunching up his nose. “She’s such a nice person…” but he went on to clarify that nice doesn’t necessarily mean a person is likable. “She hasn’t added anything to the House. There’s no value in what I see,” he grumbled, hating that she goes on about being a spiritual person, that she’s so polite, but he feels she is fake, sits on the middle ground with everything, and isn’t funny, or on his level of humour.

“Basically I get from Ava what I would get from an antiques salesman. It’s like, ‘Look at all these wonderful things, but I’m not really going to tell you anything’,” he said with mystic hand gestures.

“Through sheer focus on having no negatives, which has now led to me seeing no positives” Michael stated carefully, “I nominate Ava for 75 points,” he continued with a final, quantified blow.

“I’m a big pr***,” he moped after putting his head in his hands.

BB asked him what he thought Josh might see in Ava, to which Michael ran through a list of compliments about the 29-year-old singer, but ended it with, “except that I think she’s got the personality of a scratched Country Practice DVD”. He said them hooking up “seemed odd” as Ava is a “prude” who won’t even swear, but then “makes out with a complete stranger on national TV, within five days.”

When questioned about new guy ‘Rambo Sambo’, he threatened that he’ll be watching closely and making a call over the next week. “I haven’t given Sam time yet, nor Ava, so I feel guilty that I’m judging them,” he owned up.

Smooth George
“Hey Big Brother” George was his usual casual self and happier than the day’s past visitors. He was stoked with hosting the successful dinner and thought Sam was “fitting in perfectly”.

“I think Angie might have little thing for [Sam] … or Estelle, it’s always a bit of a battle between them two [sic]. It’ll be interesting to see who gets their claws in first,” he laughed.

“How is your relationship with Layla going?” BB stirred George’s peaceful pot. “She’s probably one girl that’s keeping me sane in the House,” he said, approving of their snuggle-time. However the man with the million-dollar smile said that he “can’t see anything going more with Layla,” describing them as only bedtime buddies at night, friends during the day and that his “heart’s not there”.

Not fazed, George exited with the same smile he entered with.

Welcome Aboard Sam
It was past midnight and he hadn’t even been in the House for a day, when Sam felt the need to spend some solo time with Big Brother in his quiet quarters. “I feel very welcome,” Sam began. “I thought they’d be a little bit more threatened,” he then said of the guys being intimidated by another (Alpha) male coming in.

Sam then declared within the confines of the Diary Room that he was in the House for the long haul and wanted the final prize. “Are you going to tell your Housemates that you intend to win the game?” Big Brother probed. Having not thought about it he took a pause. “Um… I don’t think I will,” he strategised.“I’m really just trying to suss personalities out… I mean, it’s only Day One for me,” he went on to say.

Happy with the impressions that he’s made so far, he attempted to run through all the girls, punctuating when he came to Angie’s name, only remembering Zoe as “the country girl” and not mentioning Layla.

BB pried further about why he chose Estelle back for a second date, and Sam pursed his lips as he admitted he would possibly like Estelle as a bed buddy. “Unless she snores,” he quipped.

“Everything to do with Estelle I find intriguing,” elaborated Sam. “It’s not like I just want to get to know one thing about her … because Estelle is a whole package.”

All-in-all Sam concluded that he feels his short experience in the House so far has been very positive.

And… exhale! The session is now closed.

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