2013 Unlucky For Some: The Twist Revealed!

Monday, July 29, 2013
Halfway Housemates are #sadface
Halfway Housemates are #sadface
Ben tries to span the great Divide... and fails
Ben tries to span the great Divide... and fails
Tully's not sure what she's gotten herself in to
Tully's not sure what she's gotten herself in to
“Tahan's main concern was the absence of a mirror.”

Never one to make life easy, Big Brother has revealed one hell of a Twist for Housemates! There’s a literal barrier running right through the House, creating the ultimate Divide.

Housemates in the Halfway House are stuck in cramped confines without the basic necessities. All furniture is half-size, there’s no hot water, and they’re totally reliant on the Safe House for food.

The Safe House meanwhile is a luxurious haven with a heated Pool, swanky kitchen, plenty of food and enormous beds. In the Halfway House the only luxury is the state of the art laundry... So they can wash the Safe House’s undies!

Let’s take a look at how the Housemates reacted to their new confines – were they delighted or devvoed?

Mikkayla entered the Halfway House with a look of disbelief. “What is this?” she cried. “You’re kidding, right?”

Xavier joined the Halfway House but wasn’t to be brought down. “We’ve got bread – it can’t be too bad!” he chirped.

Tahan made her feelings about the Halfway House clear. “This is so sucky! I don’t want to be here!” she complained. Her main concern was the absence of a mirror.

Ben was first in the Safe House. “We’re segregated,” he observed unhappily. “It’s so odd. I want company.” But he was thrilled by the luxurious environs. “Oh, my God. Look at all this cheese and food!”

Tully put a quirky spin on the Halfway House. “This looks amazingly bad! How is this possible?” she said. A look at the Half Beds didn’t help her outlook.

Tim ran round gloating about being in the Safe House. “I picked the good side! Yes! This is amazing!” he crowed. At a suggestion that he should tone it down he said, “Sucked in! They picked all the crap numbers.”

Sharon was excited to join the Safe House. “This is awesome,” she declared, most excited to discover the fully equipped Gym.

Ed kept his Safe House delight to a minimum. He delicately ran the Half Housemates through a description of the amenities in the Safe House, and stuck with them by the fence most of the night.

Matthew was completely unfazed by the Halfway House, indicating he’d had worse accommodation in the army. “I’ll be sleeping on the ground, I reckon,” he decided after copping a glimpse of the Half Beds.

Heidi was thrilled to be in the Safe House. “Look how gorgeous this place is! I feel like I’ve come to heaven,” she gushed.

Caleb hopped straight on to the Halfway House bike shower and started pedalling. “Woo hoo, luxuries!” he hollered about the cake of soap.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So who’ll take the Halfway House in stride and who’ll stumble? And will the Safe House practise charity or will they keep the perks to themselves?

Stay tuned to and watch the Daily Show each weeknight at 7.00pm to find out how the Housemates are getting along in splendour and scarcity.

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