24 Hours in the House

Monday, July 29, 2013
Dog-gone delightful! Ben shows off his poochy pyjamas
Dog-gone delightful! Ben shows off his poochy pyjamas
Tully's teary about the Safe Housemates' behaviour
Tully's teary about the Safe Housemates' behaviour
Tim's got mischief in mind
Tim's got mischief in mind
“We shouldn’t feel guilty that we’ve got it and they don’t.” - Tim

One big Twist, two very unequal Houses, and 12 strangers getting to know each other across a great Divide. Here’s what went down during the first 24 hours in the House.

Inspecting their environs separately, the Halfway Housemates put on brave smiles in the face of half-sized beds and cold showers, while the Safe Housemates divvied up the luxe queen beds – one each!

When Ben showed Tim his quirky collection of pyjamas, Tim said, "You’re gonna love my pyjamas!” He donned a spectacular black onesie printed with the human skeleton. “I’ve had it for years,” he explained, proudly showing it off.

Across the Divide, Tahan schemed breaching the barrier to access the Spa. "What have I got to lose?" she speculated. Tim and Mikkayla were worried Tahan would get into trouble but quickly turned devil’s advocates, egging her on.

“I’m really scared now!” Tahan giggled, securing Tim’s promise to join her. But it was Caleb who backed her up as she slipped through a gap in the Divide and stepped into the Spa in a canary yellow bikini.

Tahan and Caleb were immediately called to the Halfway Diary Room, where Big Brother punished them by confiscating their clothes.

Tim told Big Brother he was responsible for getting Tahan into trouble. “But she was just so easy,” he said. He had no sympathy for the Half Housemates, and said he shouldn’t have to share food. “I’m like, 'No, this is our stuff. We shouldn’t feel guilty that we’ve got it and they don’t’,” he told BB.

Mikkayla confessed to feeling frustrated she couldn’t interact properly with the Safe Housemates. Tully wasn’t comfortable either, and told Big Brother the power was going to the some Safe Housemates’ heads.

“Heidi has been really good with making us feel like it’s not a big deal, and I think that some of the other Housemates don’t seem to have any interest in mingling with us mere commoners,” Tully said.

In the Safe Diary Room, Sharon told Big Brother she had a soft spot for Ben, who she thought was out of his comfort zone.

“I suppose I feel like the mother and that I’m going to take him under my wing,” she said. “I just want to keep hugging him.”

Tim and Heidi were discussing Ben, too. “Is he for real?” asked Tim. “I’ve never met anyone like him. Like, that eccentric. Like, I thought I was special.”

Whether a little ‘special’ or a lot, all Housemates are created equal … But are some more equal than others?

But one little Twist is never enough, and Big Brother’s about to throw a spanner in the works by sending in the House’s first ever married couple... who have never even met.

To find out how it all goes down, tune in tomorrow at 7.00pm on Channel Nine.

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