The Full Lowdown On The First Showdown

Saturday, August 3, 2013
Matthew proved a strong competitor from the start
Matthew proved a strong competitor from the start
Game two was both mental and physical
Game two was both mental and physical
Tahan freezes at the sight of eels
Tahan freezes at the sight of eels
Who did you want to win out of the final three?
“Fourteen will start, but there can only be one winner. Make sure it’s you.” – Big Brother.

Nothing could prepare the HMs for Big Brother’s explosive Showdown premiere; pumped and packed with a series of rigorous and ridiculous challenges that would see Houses torn apart up, alliances blown up, and all bets off the table. With a game-changing prize on the line and a frontline of big egos at war, the stakes scaled new heights and every HM was playing to win.

“Fourteen will start, but there can only be one winner. Make sure it’s you.” – Big Brother.

The Prize
1. A night for two in Big Brother’s Presidential Suite
2. $5,000 cash
3. The Nominations Superpower


The Teams:
Ben, Caleb, Ed, Matthew, Mikkayla, Tahan and Tully (Team Purple)
vs Drew, Jade, Jasmin, Heidi, Sharon, Tim, and Xavier (Team Orange).

The Rules:
One HM from each team is suspended over a water tank, held up by the rest of their teammates. Big Brother intermittently instructs members of each team to let go of the rope, and the first team to drop their teammate into the water is eliminated.

Magic Moments:
1. The speed in which HMs turned on one another: “I hope that make-up’s waterproof,” Mikkayla jibed; “Imagine if you dropped your wife, Drew!” Caleb joked.
2. Caleb’s heroic words of comfort to damsel in distress Tahan: “You look beautiful up there,” he said. “I don’t feel very beautiful!” she screamed back.
3. The look of absolute terror in Tahan’s face when Big Brother released a laundry bucket of giant slithering eels into the tank.
4. Tim’s relentless attempts at psyching out the opposition: “Our eels are bigger than their eels!”

The Result: Pretty boy Drew proved no match for muscle man Matthew, dropping the rope at 15 minutes and sending faux-wife Jade plummeting into the eel tank.

Winners: Ben, Caleb, Ed, Matthew, Mikkayla, Tahan and Tully

Eliminated: Drew, Jade, Jasmin, Heidi, Sharon, Tim and Xavier


The Teams:
Jade (invited back by BB), Matthew, Mikkayla and Tahan (Team Orange)
vs Ben, Caleb, Ed and Tully (Team Purple)

The Rules:
Teams must collect letters from the ball pit and spell out a word that answers the categories on the board. Once they have completed a word, the next category is revealed. The first team to complete an acceptable word in each of the three categories wins.

Magic Moments:
1. Matthew realising his team was doing it all wrong: “Are we spelling Ace of Base?” he asked Mikkayla. “That’s way too long!”
2. Blindfolded Ben’s panic after falling over in the ball pit: “Ed are you there? Ed?”
3. Model Jade challenging English Teacher teammate Mikkayla: “That’s not how you spell Cairo…” Mikkayla (bluntly): “Yes it is.”

Winners: Jade, Matthew, Mikkayla, and Tahan

Eliminated: Ben, Caleb, Ed, and Tully


The Rules:
The final four HMs are wrapped head to toe in cling wrap and lain on the ground. The first three on their feet progress to the final challenge.

Magic Moments:
1. Mikkayla’s attempts to steamroll Tahan.
2. Matthew’s reverse worm to wriggle onto his feet and into first place.

Winners: Matthew, Tahan, Jade

Eliminated: Mikkayla


The Rules:
HMs must balance tiles on top of each other like a house of cards. The HM who builds the tallest tower in 3 minutes will win the Showdown.

Magic Moments:
1. Jade charging into first place, only to have her tower come crashing down just shy of the two-minute mark.
2. Matthew’s face during the nail-biting final countdown and Jade’s desperate attempts to overtake him on the home stretch.

Winner: Matthew

Eliminated: Jade, Tahan

Matthew’s mettle scored him the medal and he was crowned Big Brother’s first ever Showdown Champion, leaving the Arena with $5,000 and the key to the Presidential Suite. And who did our smouldering soldier choose to take with him for a dreamy escape? His favourite action man, Caleb, of course!

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