Nominations Number One: The Fallout

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Housemates were shaken by the harsh reality of Nominating each other for the first time today, but Big Brother still had some stirring to do. As his voice boomed across the Lounge, a look of dread came over the faces of the HMs.

The Announcement
BB sent shockwaves through the House as he informed the Housemates that there would be six Nominees every week and that they would be confined to the Halfway House until one of them left on Eviction night.

He directed Drew and Jade, who were automatically Nominated for failing their Newlyweds Task, to cross the Divide to the Halfway Lounge. Then came the moment they’d all been dreading - the announcement of the Nominees. Mikkayla (17 points), Sharon (14 points) and Jasmin (11 points) were up.

Exclamations of shock and dismay followed the three as they made their way to the Halfway House, hugging Housemates on the way. Mikkayla’s face crumpled as disappointment came crashing down and she tried in vain to keep her emotions under control.

The Conundrum
Only five Housemates were standing in the Halfway House and BB admitted to the HMs he had a conundrum – a tie between Heidi and Tim. With 10 points each, they were dual contenders for dubious honour of being the final Nominee. “In the event of a tie, the onus is on the Housemate with the most points to decide,” he told them.

“Noooooooooooooo!” wailed Mikkayla as she hid her tear-stained face in her hands. Eventually she made the call. “Come on Tim.”

The Changing of the Guard
Everyone was rattled by the monumental shift that had occurred in the House, but some alliances remained intact.

While Sharon and Jasmin both shed tears over their Nominee status, they were consoled by the fact that they’re on the same side of the Divide.

Tim and Drew will miss the luxuries of the Safe House. “No more shark wars. No more dodge ball. No more farts in jars,” they lamented. But at least the lads have still got each other!

Mikkayla was inconsolable that all the other original Halfway Housemates had crossed over. “We’re gonna be fine. And you’re gonna be fine ‘cos you’re with us,” Tim told her.

Caleb reached through the bars to comfort his friend. “I’m sorry to see you over there. We’re still family though,” he told her.

But any comfort she may have felt was soon snatched away by Big Brother’s parting words. “You are Nominated. However this is Big Brother and you should expect the unexpected. This week’s Nominations are not final. BB will get back to you.”

Did you predict who the Housemates Nominated this week? Or were you (like Mikkayla) left completely shocked?

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