Game of Phones: House Swap Breaks Heidi

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Tim does his best to comfort a distraught Heidi ...
Tim does his best to comfort a distraught Heidi ...
Tahan and Mikkayla talk over what went down ...
Tahan and Mikkayla talk over what went down ...
Matthew tells Caleb to 'let them fight' and steer clear.
Matthew tells Caleb to 'let them fight' and steer clear.
Is answering the phone a blessing or a curse?
"I'm always the popular person." Heidi's despair over her Nomination

What could possibly have happened in the House to cause outgoing radio personality Heidi to declare, “I just don’t know if I want to play anymore”? The answer: a Big Brother twist!

Let’s fill in the blanks shall we? Big Brother’s personal assistant, Ben, took a phone call from the man in charge, and was instructed to hand it over to one of his fellow HMs. One who would make a very important decision.

More for convenience than any real thought, Ben passed the phone over to Tahan (she was closest). Big Brother informed Tahan they were about to finalise House Nominations. Tahan’s face was priceless.

“Big Brother wants you to swap a member of the Halfway House with a member of the Safe House,” instructed BB. “You will be saving one person from Nomination and sacrificing one person in their place.”

Tahan whimpered for a bit, before she announced she would sacrifice Heidi in favour of Mikkayla. “I didn’t want to take that phone call!” Tahan got defensive as soon as she made her decision. “You’re all going to hate me,” she worried aloud to HMs.

And she might have had reason to, with the whole situation causing a negative reaction from most HMs.

Mikkayla, who should’ve been on cloud nine following her move to the Safe House, felt it probably wasn’t fair. “I deserve to be on that side,” Mikkayla pointed-out having received the most Nomination points made a sure-fire qualification for a Halfway Housemate.

While Heidi did not take the House swap, and Nomination implications, well. At all. It was like watching some kind of ‘six stages of Nomination’ progression, where she went from denial, to anger and then sadness (before heading back to anger). Somewhere in the sadness stage, Heidi confided in Tim as they were sitting in the Halfway Backyard. “I just don’t know if I want to play anymore.” (There’s that line). She explained through her tears that she’d never felt like the ‘uncool kid’ before. “I’m always the popular person.”

It wasn’t just the two HMs involved in the swap mulling over the move though. Xavier pointed out it was the ‘most logical choice’ to save Mikkayla from another week in the Halfway House, and Heidi was next on the Noms tally.

Tim was less tactful. “I heard she picked you because you’re the least competition for her,” the environmental science student declared to Mikkayla that Tahan didn’t have their friendship at heart when she made the call.

And he may have just hit the nail on the head, as Tahan said just as much during a Diary Room visit with BB. “If it was out of me and her I think I could beat her,” said Tahan with much confidence. But the girl ain’t silly. “I feel like I’ve gone from hero to zero,” Tahan told BB she knows she will have a target on her back come Nominations – round two.

Do you think Tahan made the right choice? And would you be able to celebrate if you were in Mikkayla’s position?

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