(Un)Welcome Guests: Big Brother Unleashes The Intruders

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Housemates' bubble of cushiness was burst on Day 58 when Big Brother decided that the House was ready for the next big twist!

Big Brother's infamous Intruder Alert sounded early evening, catching the HMs completely off guard and sending them into a panic.

"Where are you?!" Katie screamed at the ether. "No…" was all that a speechless Mikkayla could manage.

For Tim, the news was a disruption to his dinner plans more than anything. "What about dinner?!" he said. "Can anybody come and try my vegetable soup?"

The Intruder Alert was met with mixed emotions. "I'm actually really excited… I just want to meet them!" Lucy squealed. "I hope they like old movies," Ben replied.

"An Intruder is someone who's unwelcome… Who you don't want," English teacher Mikkayla clarified.

The HMs have been expecting new visitors for a while now, but how will they react when two bearded Intruders – both older than all of them – enter to stake their claim on the $250,000 prize?

Meet Justynn
33-year-old arborist (read: lumberjack) Justynn loves stirring the pot and there's only one type of Tim-ber he's ready to cut down to size! "I'm out there to befriend Tim and then just completely destroy him!" he says of his plans to shake things up.

Justynn's very, very single ladies ("I've been described as a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there!") so if you're in the market for a bearded beau, look no further.

Meet Nathan
Trivia show host Nathan has sparkled from a young age, growing up in a small New Zealand town banging his own drum to the likes of Bananarama and Kylie Minogue.

At 35-years-old, this human disco ball gatecrashes the BB House party with one eye on Ed ("I'm looking forward to lounging by the Pool, watching him work out!") and the other on Tim ("Tim is sneaky… I don't think I'll ever trust him."), but promises to be less of an Intruder and more of a 'fun-bringer'.

Justynn and Nathan have moved into the Big Brother House and into the lives of our original HMs – for now. One will be Evicted and the other will be officially inducted as a new Housemate, on even playing field, whether the original HMs like it or not!

The 24-hour Intruder Poll is now open. Download Jump-in to have your say on who should stay, and who should be sent packing!

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