Daily Wash: Day 03: Just The Two Of Us

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

These have got to be the fittest Housemates in the history of Big Brother!

Day 03 began with a fitness regime led by the bordering-on-bossy Sharon. While she made the ‘Safe’ sweat, Matthew, Caleb and Drew flexed more than ‘Half’ their muscles with their own rigorous workout.

Food rations have already become an issue and Tim’s stance is less a line in the sand and more a divide marked by barbed wire. With little sympathy for his other Half Homies, he helped himself to the leftovers that were saved for their lunch. He also admitted to Tahan that he had a midnight snack, much to her dismay. PS: there’s still no word on her hairdryer.

Meanwhile, are BB’s first-ever (fake) married couple already on the rocks? Drew and Jade’s charade started showing cracks today, not through lack of effort on their behalf, but by mounting suspicion that threatens to blow the whole sham wide open. The two certainly play the lovey-dovey part well (maybe too well?).

On the topic of duets, by the afternoon the ‘Other Half Task’ was in full swing (or should that be seesaw?) as the HMs got to know each other … The sense of camaraderie between the Housemates is growing as they share stories and learn about each other’s lives. They spent a lot of time this afternoon playing games in the Backyard together. Skipping, tug-o-war and thong chuck bought the gang together in a warming display of friendship.

Unfortunately the gorgeous sunny day was marred by a less-than-impressive family dinner. Ben and Jasmin failed their Diary Room challenge and were forced to serve their Kitchen customers a spread of sardines on toast (that you voted for on Facebook).

Finally there’s sparks beginning to form between boho Tim and hipster Tully … Want more? Watch this space on Day 04!

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