Daily Wash: Day 07: Drade's dirty laundry is exposed!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The HMs got up on the right side of the bed on Day 07, prompted by some happy hoedown tunes courtesy of BB. The sun was shining and the Housemates were too, congratulating each other on making it through the first week alive! Nobody was prepared for the BB bomb scheduled to detonate later on...

Many Housemates confided in each other that last night’s group chat in the Lounge was rather uncomfortable. Mikkayla was concerned she had some of her HMs offside and made the effort to talk to Sharon, apologising for coming across as bossy. She also cleared the air with Heidi and Tim who both assured her there were no hard feelings.

The Drade conspiracy theories went into overdrive today, and Tim suggested the snoop-troupe amp up the undercover investigations. Sharon, who had been leading some renegade snooping of her own, said she didn’t think the couple’s wedding rings were real. “Look, if they are married, they won’t last!” Sharon concluded, igniting great laughter in the Safe House.

Early evening, BB decided to put the rumours to rest once and for all and called all HMs to the Lounge for the shock announcement. The non-believers were singled out and presented with a dangerous ultimatum. Shockwaves echoed throughout the Big Brother House when the sham-marriage was exposed, leaving Drade’s dirty laundry dripping for all to see.

So, Drew and Jade are now single! After a week of fauxmance, is there genuine romance on the cards for either of our ex-newlyweds?

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