Daily Wash: Day 57: Good Morning Australia, Good Night Tully

Monday, September 23, 2013
Ben brings Mum and Nanna up to speed after his big birthday surprise.
Ben brings Mum and Nanna up to speed after his big birthday surprise.
"Third time on death row... It's been fun, and I love you all." - Tully

On Day 57, resident sweetheart Ben received a Good Morning Australia he'll never forget, and Drully were finally forced apart when social media strategist Tully signed out of the Big Brother House for good.

The body count in the House is plummeting, and with another Eviction today, many of the Housemates were forced to re-evaluate their game plan. During a whispered chat early-afternoon, Ed and Tahan were trying to determine which scenario would work in their favour. “Drew will get the Super Power if Tully goes, which will be bad," Ed forecast, "So I’d rather see the sisters go I think."

Tully, on the other hand, was thinking with her heart. “Look after Drew for me if I go alright?” she told Ben, during a D&M about her possible Eviction. The Eviction friction was put on hold around lunchtime, however, when Ben's anticipated birthday surprise was revealed!

Ben had told the HMs that all he wanted for his 31st birthday was a card from his mum and a piece of cake, but Big Brother went above and beyond to give him a very happy birthday. "I actually feel drained in a fabulous way," Ben announced once his surprise birthday treat wrapped. "The best birthday I've ever had was your birthday," Drew laughed. "I can't believe that just happened!" The elation quickly turned into deflation, however, when sundown signalled an imminent Eviction.

Perilous pair Tully and Drew wasted no time starting their routine 'I want to tell you but I can't tell you and you already know anyway' talk, but articulate Tully managed to find a few words at least. "I'm sorry if you ever felt that I treated you unfairly," she told Drew frankly. "It's only that I have you on a pedestal." Drew assured her that he's never done anything that he didn't want to do. "You make me behave better," he said. "And want to be better."

Tully and Drew felt finality in the air, and they were right. After Tahan was announced as the first Safe Nominee, Tully and Katie & Lucy were left on the dreaded Eviction bench. "Third time on death row..." Tully said a moment before her fate was sealed. "It's been fun, and I love you all."

Tully quickly said her goodbyes and disappeared within seconds, but not before a final 'I love you' to Drew. "Does this mean I'm in with a chance?" Ben joked in an attempt to mend Drew's cracked heart.

As if today wasn't emotionally exhausting enough, the eight remaining HMs received another surprise when Big Brother delivered 'some good and bad news'. The good news? They don't have to Nominate tomorrow. The bad news? They are all up for Eviction this week!

It's an even playing field for all HMs this week with everyone's head on the Eviction chopping block. With a string of big personalities leaving the House over the past few weeks, the HMs understand that nobody is safe. So who's next to go? We want your predictions!

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