Daily Wash: Day 68: Boogie Nights

Friday, October 4, 2013

Newcomers Boog and Madaline were put to the test on Day 68 with a series of last-woman-standing challenges to help the HMs decide who should stay and who should go.

All in fun, the two girls went head-to-head in ‘Intruder Wars’, competing in a number of games including a dance off, cooking with staples, cleaning races, dog tricks, a game of King Dingaling and more. While the Intruders battled it out, other little wars between HMs waged behind the scenes.

Tim had more gripes with Nathan after he claimed the newest HM was trying to provoke him. “Just then as we were walking out the Diary Room he had this little dig at me,” Tim told Drew. He later boiled to Ben that the newest HM was 'hypocritical' and 'argumentative'. "I can't be near him," he said. Competing Intruders Boog and Madaline were quick to notice that Nathan was rubbing not just Tim, but everyone the wrong way.

As a reward for running a successful Intruder Boot Camp, and to restore a little sugar to the House, Big Brother treated the HMs to a bells-and-whistles Backyard children's party. "Where are the Sugar Sisters when we need them?" Tim asked as the HMs were presented with a blast from their (mostly) 80s pasts. It was a colourful spread of fairy bread, cheese and kabana, sausage rolls and party pies, and it quickly catapulted the HMs to the highest of sugar highs.

Forget Dutch courage; tonight it was all about red cordial courage! "Who votes Boog is a catch?" Mikkayla asked after a highly competitive game of Musical Chairs. Nine hands shot up – the decision was unanimous. "I think she's sexy!" Tim declared, announcing his schoolboy crush for the first time. "Really?!" an elated Boog replied. 'I'm never sexy! I'm always the cute one!"

Later, though, when the playful pair were dared to pash, there were a whole lotta sideways glances but very little action! Throw in an awkward Spa moment when Boog told Tim he's more of a woman than she is and it's anybody's guess whether there's a Boogie Night on the horizon!

The biggest spotlight fell on Drew, however, when the Truth or Dare homing pigeon narrowed in yet again on his relationship with Tully. "If Tully said, 'I'm dropping Tahlia, I have feelings for you', what would you have done?" Tim asked. "Your face says it all," Jade said affectionately, before Drew confirmed what the HMs were expecting (and wanting, it seems) to hear. "I would've pursued it," Drew replied frankly. "She's awesome."

So who will shack up first? Tim and Boog, or Drew and Tully? And following today's 'Intruder Wars', who's got your vote to stay in the Big Brother House?

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