Daily Wash: Day 69: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Saturday, October 5, 2013
At last someone calls Tim to task on his stirring.
At last someone calls Tim to task on his stirring.
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“You seem to enjoy making other people feel bad. That’s my problem with you.” - Nathan to Tim

The ties that bind the Housemates were strained on Day 69.

The advent of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Task requires three teams of HMs to be joined by short cable to their teammates. When proximity forced some bubbling conflicts to boil over, it was Tim who came off worst.

Tim began his day uncharacteristically subdued, but not enough to prevent some love/hate ping-ponging with Ben. “You did make me feel normal in here when everyone else thought we were the crazy ones,” was Tim’s heart-warming confession as they reflected on Ben’s fake Eviction. But before the fuzzy feelings could settle in they were back to biting each other’s ankles. A kerfuffle was caused by the controversial issue of making the bed.

A quiet little Spa discussion between Ed, Mikkayla and Jade revealed the likely source of Tim’s angst, however. He’s lovesick and rejected! Mikkayla was convinced Tim was upset, 'but he didn’t want to show it', referring to the moment last night when Boog flat-out rejected Tim’s romantic advances. Ed wasn’t at all surprised by the turn of events, reasoning that Boog and Tim, both crass and straight-talking, are too similar to work romantically.

Little did Tim know his day was about to get worse. Bound to Nathan as per the rules of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Task, he and Nathan were forced to unpack the tension in their relationship. “You seem to enjoy making other people feel bad. That’s my problem with you,” Nathan told Tim straight out.

Tonight was a special occasion – Boog's and Madaline's first chicken wing night – and as such, wing-man Tim warned sous chefs Drew and Mikkayla that everything had to be perfect. "It would just really upset me if they weren't perfect for Boog," he said.

As the HMs started winding down for bed, a cheeky Big Brother sounded the Task alarm signalling the start of a new round of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Task, this time with new teams. What the HMs didn't cotton on to earlier was that this week's Task means one team won't be sleeping in a Bedroom tonight, and it's up to the HMs collectively to decide who.

Representing Rock was Boog, Tim and Jade; Paper was Ben, Mikkayla, Nathan and Tahan; and Scissors was Ed, Drew and Madaline. The Scissor team headed straight to the HMs' favourite evening hot-spot, the Spa, though they weren't there long. "Soooooooory" team Rock chimed, forcing the Scissors to move on. Within minutes, though, Paper decided they too wouldn't mind a Spa.

And round and round they went…

So much for teamwork! Will the hostile HMs be able to work together to win this week's Task, or will their differences drive them apart?

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