Daily Wash: Day 71: No Time To Settle, Petal

Monday, October 7, 2013
It was time to throwdown at Showdown.
It was time to throwdown at Showdown.
"Have you been organising this for a week? That’s so sweet." - Jade says to Ed about their special date.

After Nathan's shock exit a new line-up of Housemates have solidified themselves, but the merry bunch had little time to grasp the reality of it all as they were flung into another action-packed day.

Waking on the morning of Day 71, the HMs went straight into an early game of roshambo, or at least the BB version as part of their Weekly Task. This saw a coupla couples in the House pushed closer together. Tim found himself tethered to his love-interest Boog on Team Scissors, and despite the fact the strategic schemer voted her out in a plane-crash moment yesterday, the two bonded further with their similar (silly) sensibilities.

JadEd were bound by love the bungee ropes joining Team Paper, where Jade tended to her beau's fro, giving him a quick haircut. Later in the day, after some special arrangements had been made, Ed then popped the question – not that question – but he officially asked Jade on a date!

"[Big Brother] has organised, if this person accepts, to go on a date tonight... But you have to say yes..." Ed, in typical fashion, stumbled through the proposal. Unable to wipe the beaming smile from her model face, Jade responded with a resounding 'yes!' "Have you been organising this for a week? That’s so sweet," she said, before prince charming swept her off her feet for a romantic eve in the Garden of Eden - a special time that had its own stack of surprises.

It was also 'Showtime' on Day 71 with another round of rumbling in the Showdown arena. A lot was on the line, so HMs didn't hold back, and there were twists all the way to the end. Of course, with the House being such a tight pressure cooker, the end result naturally caused more controversy. "A few people didn't think I deserved to win it," the (yet-to-be-named) Showdown champion said to Big Brother in Diary Room.

And to top off a fun-filled day, Ben and new HM-inductee Madaline were set a meaty Family Dinner Challenge. Having to channel their inner 'Animal Instincts', they laughed their way through it to Win-Win their barbecue Din-Din.

So what exactly happened behind closed doors on the JadEd date? And will Tim and Boog follow suit? With little time to simmer down after an INSANE 24 hours, what could possibly be next in store for our rattled Housemates? Oh yeah, how about the Eviction of a major power-player?!

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