Daily Wash: Day 76: Covering Tracks

Saturday, October 12, 2013

On Day 76, no one could predict the explosive fallout that would result from a new Weekly Shopping Task.

Drew and Madaline's friendship deepened with a D&M in the Gym that stretched out across the morning, into the Bathroom, throughout shower time and beyond. Musing on love and relationships, Drew confessed he doesn't mind being a bit vulnerable, and said he thinks this is why women tend to confide in him.

"I'm not like that at all. I'm a closed book," Madaline admitted. "You've got to give a little to get a little," was Drew's sage advice.

Two Housemates who were giving a lot of something that nobody wanted were Tim and Tahan. As Wardens, the pair took their jobs seriously today, barking loud-hailer instructions around the House with a little too much enthusiasm.

When Big Brother's voice piped up, "My Lady Jadey, where's your mic?", Tim was quick to chastise the naughty HM. "Jade, you've been here for over 10 weeks now," he grouched. "What kind of example are you setting to the newcomers Madaline and Boog? No wonder Boog's such a handful!"

But the mood lifted in the afternoon when HMs heard Kyle and Jackie O's voices blast through a mysterious radio in the Lounge. The popular radio duo explained this week's Task: HMs will be hosting their very own radio station, BBFM! Their broadcasts will go live to the Australian public, and Kyle and Jackie O could be listening in at any time.

Jackie O explained the golden rule of radio: No dead air. "When you die on radio, you die in real life," she warned. HMs jumped and screamed with excitement, thrilled to be participating in a 'fun' task. "This is exactly what we've been wanting!" Madaline enthused.

Tim, Drew and Mikkayla were first up to host BBFM, devising 'news items' from inside the House. Hot topics included 'Jade and Ed's PDAs: Lovesick Or Just Plain Sick?', 'Dodging Doggie Doody Duty', and 'Boog's Jokes: Laughing With Her Or At Her?'. Little did Mikkayla realise, though, that her throwaway comments about Boog's 'low-brow humour' would come back to bite her after dinner.

"She's taking everything I do personally, and it's your fault!" Mikkayla screamed at Tim in the Backyard after realising she had become a pawn in his latest bout of pot-stirring. "Don't listen to him," a furious Mikkayla urged a startled Boog in front of all HMs, including Tim. "Come straight to me, don't be afraid to. Don't let him try and start s - - t because I'm sick of it!"

Of course Tim took great offence to Mikkayla's very public accusations and stoked the fire even more. "How does this have anything to do with me?!" he fumed. "Is it true or is it not true that you don't like our humour?" Despite several HMs agreeing with much of Mikkayla's tirade, no one jumped to her aid and she found herself fighting a lone battle against Tim. "Mikkayla, I'll expect an apology tomorrow," Tim yelled over his shoulder as he strolled away from the raging inferno.

"He's so good at turning the situation around," Mikkayla cried to Madaline and Jade shortly after. "I can see what he's doing but I can't verbalise it because I get so emotional." Quiet observer Jade told Mikkayla that attempting to reprimand Tim was dangerous. "His tracks are too covered," she warned. "He's too good. He's got the gift of the gab, and too many people back him up."

"Different rules apply to him than anyone else," Madaline agreed.

Do you think it was fair for the HMs to leave Mikkayla to fight this Tim-battle alone? What do you think is the best approach to tackle Tim?

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