Daily Wash: Day 78: Superficial Or Sacrificial?

Monday, October 14, 2013

On Day 78, Housemates were asked to give up a lot to get just a little in return.

Drew was snapped out of his sleepy morning reverie by a very direct question posed to him over his morning bowl of muesli. He'd been talking to Madaline about Tully when she dropped a bombshell. "Do you think the thought of her watching has put a barrier between you and me?" she asked in a forthright manner.

Taken aback, Drew glossed over the question, but later in the Gym, he revealed to Boog how much it rattled him. "In my head, I was like, 'What are you going on about?!'" he said incredulously. "She thinks I would have been closer with her if I didn't have my relationship with Tully." Obviously not the case from where he's standing.

Showdown shook things up again and bought out the competitive nature of the HMs – especially when BB told them it would be the last one. It was a fiercely fought battle with the winner using skill, precision, speed and a hefty dose of good luck to take out the very large Final Showdown Trophy.

Later in the afternoon Housemates were rocked to their core when they were suddenly told by Big Brother to pack up all their belongings and wait in the Lounge. "This is not a drill," Tim fussed as panic set in. Could it be a punishment, or worse … a snap Eviction!

The HMs were relieved that it was all part of a Challenge, although when it was explained to them that as part of the 'Family Dinner Auction' they had to bid with and give up their own personal possessions, they weren't too impressed. After unwillingly unloading some of their goods, they were told they had not yet 'met the reserve' and they needed to contribute more items of 'sentimental value'.

"Argh, not fair," Tim complained when he was told what he had to give up, while Tahan was left, first in tears, and then in a big huff, at what she parted with.

The HMs won the Challenge, but rifts formed over who gave up the more important items in the auction. Madaline believed Tahan's hissy fit was an overreaction. "I hate how superficial she can be," Mikkayla agreed.

Meanwhile, a stroppy Tahan was on the warpath, complaining to Tim and Boog about others getting away with small offerings compared to them. "We took one for the team," Boog acknowledged, but remained unfazed. "I know, selfless, but it still pisses me off," Tahan continued to fume.

But there's nothing like a Texas T-bone steak to bring the family back together: a big reward for their costly donations. "Well done with everyone's effort today, guys," Boog commended the dinner table as they raised their glasses to cheers each another. "To sacrifice," Tim (the self-confessed narcissist) said.

So who won the final-ever Showdown for 2013 and what was the reward? What cherished personal effects did our Housemates give up in the Family Auction Challenge? And, most importantly, who will be the next sacrificial lamb to be Evicted from the Big Brother House?

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