Daily Wash: Day 82: Housemates Hoedown!

Friday, October 18, 2013
A break from staples made their day!
A break from staples made their day!
"Tim, there's some sour grapes in there if you want any." Housemate of the Week, Drew, teases Tim.

It was all about creativity and country and western on Day 82 as a benevolent BB treated the HMs to a day of craft and a night of fun.

The HMs got a nice surprise when they emerged into the Backyard on the morning of Day 82."Arts and crafts!" Drew yelled when he saw a table full of paints, pens, paper, easels and all the supplies needed for a creative morning. The Housemates spent the day using the materials to make their own master pieces, from watercolour paintings and textile sewing, to bejewelling and model making … or is that model breaking?

Tim takes his art seriously and his portrait of Tahan impressed her so much, she decided to do one of him. Madaline joined in and Tim was the centre of attention – just how he likes it! Combining the two painting cliches – a bowl of fruit and a nude model – he dropped his towel and posed provocatively , but the effect was somewhat ruined by Boogs, who heckled from the sidelines.

Just before lunch Big Brother had a very special announcement . A new title was to be bestowed on one lucky HM. Drum roll please for the 'Housemate Of The Week'! The fortunate recipient would receive hot water whenever they wanted, Parlour access and – wait for it – they would be the sole holder of the keys to the Executive Fridge. While everyone else is on staples, they get to gorge!

After the Housemates pleaded their cases, BB decided the winner was … another drum roll please … Drew! With access to pork roast, pizza, ice cream, chocolate, fresh fruit and veggies, rows of drinks and more, the others drooled with jealousy.

"He's dead to us," Tim screamed in jest. "You're not in our group anymore," Boog added to the green-eyed gag. "Tim, there's some sour grapes in there if you want any," Drew quipped back as he strolled into the Kitchen with an ice-cold beer. "I feel like a leper, but a really, really rich leper."

The other HMs soon got their share of fun and feasting when BB treated them to a country and western night complete with KFC! Yeehaa! After almost two weeks on staples, they thought they were in heaven, Tim was actually moved to tears by the sight of the Kitchen table loaded with good things to eat. Like every good country hoedown there was boot scooting and square dancing and the HMs went to bed with both their bellies and their tastebuds sated and satisfied for the first time in days.

Getting creative is known to be therapeutic. Was the House happier because of the craft or are the HMs putting their differences to one side for another reason. And who do you think deserved to win Housemate of the Week?

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