Daily Wash: Day 83: Stop, Drop and LOL

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Despite the return of gorgeous weather, HMs were Freezing on Day 83! In this week's Freeze & Release Task HMs must remain frozen as statues no matter what happen, or risk instant failure.

Jade began the day a little frazzled by things that go bump in the night. The easy-going model told Madaline that the normally-composed lawyer tried to have 'a full on conversation' with Jade during sleep. Jade said Madaline woke and 'attacked' her, accidentally grabbing her chest, sitting bolt upright and rambling about 'playing the game'.

"Every time I'd say something, you'd keep talking at me, but really loudly," Jade recounted, to a giggling Madaline. "It was like you were possessed!"

Tahan and Boog wondered who Madaline might have been talking about. Herself, or perhaps Tim? But Madaline kept her mouth shut about it during waking hours. Jade later revealed that it was a heated argument with Tim that Madaline appeared to be dreaming about.

At lunchtime, Big Brother called HMs to the Lounge, where they were introduced to this week's Freeze & Release Task. When Big Brother says 'Freeze', Housemates will have to pause what they are doing and not move until BB says 'Release'!

No matter what happens while they are frozen, Housemates must be impeccable statues. Only one instance of rule-breaking will result in a completely failed Task – and an automatic Nomination for that individual!

After their briefing, the HMs all scattered from the lounge but were immediately ordered to freeze. Suddenly a clown appeared with a tray full of cream pies and havoc in mind… The experience left them all rather rattled!

When Jade and Ed were unexpectedly called to the Garden of Eden early afternoon, Jade admitted, "I'm scared," not trusting her sudden luck. They wandered nervously around a long table spread with delicacies – cheeses, nuts and cold meats - but were unable to obey Big Brother's suggestion to 'relax'. They'd only just poured some champagne and raised their glasses to toast when Big Brother ordered them to freeze…

A cheeky Big Brother struck a third time mid-afternoon just moments after treating the HMs to picture-perfect ice-cream cones…

It was an evening of great appreciation and celebration as the final seven came to terms with the fact that the Big Brother dream would soon come to an end. "I'm starting to get sad that we'll soon be back to our normal lives," Tim said at dinner. "When I catch myself thinking about it I get really sad. It's home. I love this place."

Later, though, he confessed to Tahan that he envisages them as the final two standing. "Some people let the game happen to them, whereas we are the game," he said. "The girls wanted to beat you, the boys wanted to beat me. And we're still here."

With just two weeks left of Big Brother 2013, who would you like to see as the final two?

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