Daily Wash: Day 85: Reactivating Drully

Monday, October 21, 2013
In the other corner was JadEd - are they or aren't they?!
In the other corner was JadEd - are they or aren't they?!
"You're going to replay that over and over again!" Boog.

Day 85 will forever be remembered as the day time froze for impossible sweethearts Drew and Tully, who were reunited 28 days after she was Evicted from the Big Brother House.

It was D&M day for J&E today as talk centred almost exclusively around their relationship – or lack of it? – and how it would fare in the big bad outside world.

Around midday Jade cuddled up with Ed and asked how he'd feel dating an actress, considering they sometimes have to kiss other men. 'An actress' meaning 'Jade', perhaps? To Jade's relief, Ed said it'd be OK. "It's her job. I don't have a problem with it."

But her relief may have been short-lived as a lengthy chat pushed their relationship further into No Promises & No Guarantees territory. "I don't want you to be disappointed in me for whatever happens," Ed told Jade, saying that everything will be different outside the House.

"I guess I would like it to work, but you just can't … like, I can't promise anything," Jade agreed. But she admitted if things were working out she would probably move to Melbourne to be with him, reasoning it would be better for her career. She later asked Drew to draw her a map of Melbourne so that she could better acquaint herself with the area – for curiosity's sake, of course!

Their geography lesson was interrupted when Drew was called to check the power on the Executive Fridge, instigating the next 'Freeze' surprise. The return of this year's most talked about HM, Tully, proved the most difficult for all HMs to ignore. It was over in a flash, and Drew was left wondering if it were 'real'. "You're going to replay that over and over again!" Boog smiled.

After winning this week's Diary Room family dinner challenge, Madaline and Tim won a night together in the Presidential Suite, and all the ingredients to make Big Brother burgers for the House. After two weeks on staples, all HMs' mouth were watering for the beef burgers, brimming with fresh salad, tasty cheese and fried eggs. When the HMs sat down to eat, however, they were interrupted by a familiar command. "This is Big Brother. Freeze." Big Brother wouldn't dare… would he?

Dinner-chat centred on soul mates, love at first sight, and best kisses, and Jade took the opportunity to further stress to Ed that she's really, really, really into him. She identified their steamy kiss on Big Brother's Got Talent night as her best kiss, but when Ed brought up a goodbye kiss with an ex-girlfriend, Jade quickly remembered another best kiss with her ex-boyfriend in Italy.

Strong, independent lawyer Madaline revealed a much softer side, confessing that she's never felt reciprocated love. "I haven't been really really in love and had that reciprocated," she said when the 'soul mates' topic was raised. She said she 'really wants to believe' in the concept of soul mates, but that she'd have to experience it first.

In another heartfelt moment, Tahan admitted that her impersonation of Mikkayla eating is her one regrettable action in the House. "I knew it was wrong," she told the Housemates. "I shouldn't have said what I did."

With the end now very clearly in sight, all HMs are reflecting on their time in the House. Are there any specific moments from this year's HMs, past and present, that you treasure?

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