Daily Wash: Day 86: Release, Relief, Rejoice

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Eviction worries cut deep for Madaline.
Eviction worries cut deep for Madaline.
"Just rip the Bandaid; just rip it off." - Madaline wants Eviction to be over and done with

There was one Housemate who didn't get a good sleep last night. Drew was still in a spin from his brief rendezvous with Tully. "Things on my mind," he explained to Boog over Buttercup. "If I'm excited, I can't sleep."

Meanwhile, Madaline and Tim slept just fine in the Presidential Suite where they spent a night in the lap of luxury. While they were gone, their HMs plotted a prank on Tim and when he rejoined the House they told him that Bindi Irwin had come in as part of the Freeze and Release Task. While disheartened that he'd missed his Australian idol, Tim was happy to hear that she'd asked after him. "Oh well, at least she knows who I am," he consoled himself.

Housemate of the Week Drew had his privileges revoked today and was back on staples with the rest of the gang. Lamenting the lack of food or flavour, he couldn't fathom how the others had survived so long. "I can’t believe you did four days of this already, I'm already slipping," he sighed. His continued complaints throughout the morning had Jade in huff. "I'm just going to end up biting back," she told Ed and Madaline. "He has no right to be angry."

The Housemates had a few more surprises in store thanks to the Freeze and Release Task. There were some bare-all moments, while on another occasion things were taken to new heights.

In the afternoon hungry Housemates were instructed to gather in the Lounge. Hoping to hear if they'd passed or failed their Task, they were instead told to 'Freeze!' While motionless, as a final test, they were told the news … they successfully passed the Freeze & Release Task! Unable to react, they were then finally freed – 'Release' and rejoice! (Although old habits die hard and BB had one more little late-night prank to pull on the HMs.)

The win and the arrival of food distracted the Housemates, but a few nervous ticks still showed through. Tomorrow's looming Eviction was obviously plaguing Nominee Madaline. "Just rip the Bandaid; just rip it off," she said of the unknown result, wanting it to be over with quickly and painlessly. Yeah, right, good luck with that!

Removing someone as big as one of these main players is going to be more like ripping off a limb than a little ol' Bandaid. But who's it going to be and how much will it hurt? And could food sooth the pain at all?

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